The Prince of Fenway Park

The Prince of Fenway Park
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Oscar goes to live with his father, and discovers that he is one of many cursed creatures that live under Fenway Park and that Oscar is the one who needs to break the curse. This was a sweet story, but growing up and living in Australia, I didn't have a particular understanding or fondness for the baseball references. Reading this book I found that same mixture but with a sharper theme and a more fleshed-out main character. This was clearly written by an author who loves baseball, the stories of legends, but also wanted to educate and make people think about the undercurrent of racial discrimination in sports and the courage it took individuals to stand up to and eventually overcome it.

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To that end the fantastic and horrifying creatures that roam its pages, are in sharp contrast with the historical use 3 times of the foul n-word. The author explains in the back why she made this choice and I agree with her reasoning. It gives the curse more depth, adds historical accuracy and makes the victory all the sweeter in the end.

I highly recommend this book for all middle school students and librarians! My students agree as you will read and watch below: Click here for a music video trailer for the book created by student D. While staying with his adopted father he is given the challenge of reversing the curse of Fenway Park and although he is doubted by most he is to go on and try to free all of the creatures cursed in the process. This one visit with his father gives him the opportunity of a lifetime to try and save all the cursed people with the help of the cursed themselves.

It was exciting and adventurous, reaching into even the darkest corners of reality, bringing light to the truth of the past and showing a purpose to even the cruelest parts of life.

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Although it was a fiction it also holds the truth and the key to the real world, and even though it seems so horrible to read something that explains everything that most people would try to avoid, I believe that everyone should read this book because it brings light to the dark and liberates the heart from fear giving all a shocking realization of forgiveness, for those who are able to forgive the past can live in the present and will no longer have to dwell on something that is diminishing and withering away.

He is living with his adopted parents, His real parents abandoned him, but he Lives with the adopted parents. But Oscar doesn't know that the Red Sox and the creatures inside Fenway Park really are cursed-a curse that must be broken before the Sox can finally win the World series and the Cursed Creatures can live free. It's Really up to him to Oscar to break And he'll have some help This book to me is a very good book because Even though Oscar is a adopted child he Is a strong kid who goes through a lot? Trying to break the curse he goes through a Lot of trouble to break and ends up breaking It with some help but I think this book has a Little strong racist terms which is kind of un- Comfortable.

i need the summary of the complete book of the prince of the fenway park by julianna baggot.

Reported by; V. Ever since then everyone felt like they were cursed. Oscar Egg was one of those fans who thought so. But nobody ever thought that the curse was real. Oscar was only 11 When He found out his adopted parents, who split up, and supposed aunts Were all hiding a secret from him … his dad has another life under Fenway Park! Find out how how the genius known as N. Bode has out done herself again. This is a book that millions will enjoy before the first month this novel is out!

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The main character name is Oscar he is adopted and a mix race. He lives in Boston with his divorced mom and dad. At school he gets bullied and messed with by other kids. His mom dropped him off with his dad for the day and hid dad does not want to keep him. His mom goes on a date with another man.

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Oscar feels weird about staying with his dad, he thinks bad things will happen. They talk about the curse in the book from the Boston Red Sox which is is a myth that all red sox fans think is real. I The main character name is Oscar he is adopted and a mix race. I think the book was good because I am I baseball fan and I like the red sox baseball club. How they talk about the baseball stadium fenway park, i think is cool how they put that in the book because it is a really cool place to go. Feb 05, Cameron Balderas rated it it was amazing.

This fiction book takes place in Boston. The main character is Oscar.

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Dodger and Me. A book intended for ten to fifteen year old readers brings to life the underworld of the Curse of the Bambino; fairies, two headed annoncers, the smoker, weasel man and the pooka among others. Copy to clipboard Close. Report incorrect product info. The story was so clear and great. Massachusetts Children's Book Award Nominee After the sale, the Yankees soared as high as the Sox sunk low.

I think that Julianna Baggot does a great job in combining the real world, with fiction all in this one book. Also, when they talked about how the Red Sox won five world titles but when Babe Ruth was traded, they started to do worse without him. Then she added a fairyland to Boston. She talked about how creatures living under the stadium. They were cursed and could't do anything until the curse was broken. Then in the climax, she makes a small war to see if oscar can reverse the curse or they would have to keep the curse forever. In conclusion, I think that Julianna Baggot did a great job in combining the real world with fiction.

She talk about Babe Ruth and how the Red Sox where doing great with him. Then the fictional side with creatures that live under the park. That is why I think Julianna Baggot did a good job in combining the real world with fiction. Jun 27, Ben rated it really liked it. I think that this book is pretty good and I like the fact that it is a true story partly. Of course, I like it a lot because I am a die-hard red sox fan. Overall, I think that this is a very intriguing book about one of baseballs biggest coincidences: The curse. Mar 09, Drew Erickson rated it really liked it.

The book takes place in the year of , in Boston, Massachusetts. I really enjoyed my experience while reading this book because I enjoy watching and playing sports and I played baseball for eight years when I was younger. Playing baseball when I was younger was also a personal connection I was able to make to the book and the book was easy to keep up with because I know a lot The Prince of Fenway Park Book Review The Prince of Fenway Park by Julianna Baggott is a pretty fascinating book. Playing baseball when I was younger was also a personal connection I was able to make to the book and the book was easy to keep up with because I know a lot about baseball.

I expected it to be somewhat factual and packed with sports action and I was glad that it was. Playing baseball when I was younger and enjoying playing and watching sports was also why I chose this book. A quote that I feel really stands out than all others is one that was very meaningful and powerful. Occasionally a Hispanic kid would ask him something in Spanish assuming he spoke it. This shows that the main character did not care what people thought of him and it did not matter, he was still able to do something very powerful, and on a very big stage.

Major League Baseball. Also, I think that this has to do with some things that go on today.

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People form stereotypical thoughts about people just by judging them at a first look which is somewhat like this quote. Which all leads to the essential question of this book. How do we form and shape our identities? Oscar, the main character in this book, who is twelve years old, deals with school and everything else going on in his life while also having a major responsibility on his hands. I will not spoil anything, but basically Oscar is sent to live under with his dad somewhere deep under Fenway Park where the curse is alive, and there are all these creatures that live down there that were affected by the curse.

Oscar ends up having to figure out how to break the curse. So I think it is more about how he did not care what anyone said or thought about him and he was still able to do something remarkable.

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I would recommend this book to kids of all ages, especially teenagers. I really feel like teenagers would like this, but younger kids could read it as well. The main character is just about to be a teenager so it is right there in the teenage age range. Younger kids could enjoy this because it is not that hard to follow and the fiction really appeals to children, especially children who play or watch baseball. Kids of all ages would enjoy this book just like I did and that is what makes this book very good.

Sep 11, Brody Belanger rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was very interesting for the whole book because it always had something exciting happening on every page. However, the ending of the book was very different than I expected it to be. This book reminded me a lot of how much I love baseball. Nov 04, Adam rated it did not like it.