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Explain to students that they will be doing this for every letter of the alphabet so that they have a complete set of lucky alphabet coins. These will be used in a matching game where students will try to correctly match upper and lowercase letters. Guided Practice 5 minutes. Pass out pieces of colored paper and a quarter to every student. Pick a student to demonstrate again for the group how to trace a quarter on a piece of paper and cut the circle out. Have another student volunteer also show this to the group, so that two circles are cut out.

Remind students that they will be doing this for every letter of the alphabet, resulting in a complete set of lucky alphabet coins. Tip: As a time saving tactic, giving students some precut circles can help to reduce the amount of cutting needed. This can also be used as a way to scaffold the activity for some students. Explain to students that they will be working as partners to make a complete alphabet set, so they can play a matching game together. Demonstrate the game using the A-a and B-b coins the class made: flip these over so that the letter is not visible, choose two, and see if they are a match.

Ask if students have any questions about this. Discuss as a group any expectations for quiet work times before sending students off to work. Independent working time 30 minutes. Any adults in the room should be circulating, answering questions, and observing student knowledge as students are working.

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For a festive feel, consider playing some soft, festive Chinese New Year music in the background. Setting up a variety of different seating areas can encourage students to spread out and not disrupt other groups. Download to read more. Assessment 5 minutes. Success at playing the matching game can be used to assess whether or not students are able to match upper and lowercase letters. Observation of students' letter formation on the coins can be used to determine whether or not students are able to write upper and lowercase letters.

Review and closing 5 minutes.

go Call students back together. Ask students if there were any letters they had trouble matching.

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Were any letters harder to remember than others? Remind students that lucky money is a Chinese New Year tradition. Encourage students to take their coins home to play some more.

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Leave a set of coins out in the classroom for students to practice matching when they have free time. Related learning resources. Setting up a variety of different seating areas can encourage students to spread out and not disrupt other groups Beginning Sounds Letter Match-Up. Say the letters and match it to the pictures with those beginning sounds. Alphabet Mix-Up 7.

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English Language Arts , Reading , Grammar. Two organizers are provided for a differentiated approach. Subject: Math. Sign Up. My wonderful memory is a holiday to most Mexico when I was ten. Was it bad luck that I had my bag snatched? David Clark, Gloucestershire.

Rearrange these last few letters into their alphabetical order to finish up this worksheet series! Alphabet Mix-Up 6.

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These letters are mixed up, and if your child knows the ABC's, he can put them in the correct order. U is for Up!

Practice Writing the Letter U. This uplifting worksheet will build up your child's writing skills as she learns all about the letter U. Letter Quiz. Match upper and lower case letters in this great alphabet review quiz. Alphabet Mix-Up 1. These letters got all mixed up! If your preschooler knows the ABC's, she should be able to arrange them in the correct order Alphabet Mix-Up 4. Try out sheet 5 of this alphabet mix-up series.

Alphabet Mix-Up 2. Your kid knows the ABC's? From this lesson students will learn about the importance of cultivating specific crops and the domestication of certain animals species and how these two advances led to significant advantages that advanced technology and built significant wealth and power in the world.

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Take me to the Lesson Plan Episode 2: Steel - The Great Conqueror Grade level: The development of steel for use in weaponry provided certain civilizations with a distinct advantage over those they set out to conquer. Episode Two chronicles the success of the Spanish Conquistadors and how the use of steel weapons gave them the advantage they needed to overthrow a much larger Inca army, thus taking control of the land, the people, and their riches.

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This lesson teaches students about the historical significance of steel weaponry and examines the power and impact that advanced technology and weapons have provided to those who possess them throughout history. Combine cornstarch and water stir until mixed. Heat oil and sunflower seeds over medium heat. Add peanut butter and all other ingredients adding water and cornstarch mix last.

Cook until thickened.


Pour over cooked rice or noodles. Or cool and serve over prepared vegetable salad. Nature documentaries can play an important role in science education by showing animals interacting in their natural environment and by presenting the unique human wildlife interface and conservation challenges that exists where the animals live.

Your class can watch the video clip of the real Lucky — available here. Geography is a subject frequently overlooked in American schools. Globally United States students come second to last in geographical knowledge. Use the story of Lucky to teach children about the geography of the Indonesian islands. Here is a link to some information to get you started. One of the best ways to make learning fun is through art. Art is also a great way to instill cultural appreciation and awareness.